OpenHomes Luxe

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OpenHomes LUXE

  • Pay a 3% listing commission to sell your home, plus 2.4-3% allowance for buyer’s agent depending on your region
  • Full brokerage services from pre-listing to closing
  • Your experienced listing agent handles the contracts and negotiations

OpenHomes LUXE is for sellers who want the most experienced, full service agents working on your behalf. With LUXE, selling is easy and hassle-free. We take care of everything, start to finish!

What does OpenHomes LUXE do for clients? 

OpenHomes LUXE provides all real estate services, consulting, and advice, from pre- listing to closing and beyond, including personalizing a detailed pricing and marketing strategy based on your specific needs

Before listing, OpenHomes will provide help and advice with staging and preparing your home for sale:

    • Maximizing your “ready to sell” budget and prioritizing updates
    • Furniture rearrangement/home organization tips to sell
    • Personalized paint color recommendations
    • Suggested repairs and maintenance items
    • Recommendations for experienced, affordable professionals to help with everything from plumbing to lawn care to cleaning

During the listing/marketing phase, OpenHomes will ensure maximum visibility for your property:

    • Creating your listing with evocative descriptions and stunning photographs Including specific enhancements based on the property, such as drone footage, 3D tours, videos, brochures, or waterfront tours
    • Researching all comparable/competitive properties so we are armed with the best knowledge of why your home stands out and should sell for top dollar
    • Designing beautiful marketing materials and a comprehensive strategy that employs traditional and online marketing
    • Hosting welcoming open houses and broker opens as needed
    • Responding to all inquiries from buyers or their agents, and proactively reaching out to potential buyers and agents
    • Coordinating all showing requests via our showing software, so all you need to do is respond via email or text, and providing unedited automated feedback from buyers and buyers’ agents

During the contract/escrow phase, OpenHomes handles all negotiations and drafting of documents, and coordination of the escrow period:

    • Summarizing and presenting offers, amendments, and other legal documents in a way that is easy to understand and compare, so the benefits and drawbacks of each are clear
    • Handling inspection and appraisal issues, including negotiations over financial concessions and repairs, obtaining repair bids, coordinating remediation work, appealing low appraisals and providing supplementary information
    • Drafting all documents related to the sale, and coordinating with all parties to ensure timely progress towards closing
    • Ordering title insurance and coordinating closing
    • Handling any issues or questions that emerge during or after closing

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